WalkingspreeI want to make sure that I stay healthy so I can be around to see my kids grow up.

Name: Melissa Price | Heaviest Weight: 190 lbs | Current Weight: 160 lbs | Weight Loss: 30 lbs


This busy mother of two did what most moms do – put their health on the back burner while raising their family. That was until Melissa – pregnant with her second child – found out that she has fact V Leiden, an inherited disorder that increases risk of developing abnormal blood clots, usually in the veins. This risk increases in pregnant women who have the disorder.

She knew then, that something had to change.

Her doctor advised her to avoid sitting for long periods of time and to take periodic breaks and walks to increase circulation in her legs. He also said losing weight would greatly reduce her risk because being overweight increases the pressure in the veins in the pelvis and legs.

Since Melissa found herself sitting most of the day at her job as a receptionist at Hanson Logistics, this was going to be a challenge. So when the company introduced the Walkingspree program which uses a computer connected pedometer to track steps and online tools to monitor goals and track calories, she embraced the opportunity and even became the company’s corporate walking program administrator.

How has your life changed since you started walking?

I have gone from 190 lbs. to 160 lbs. in three months and have been able to keep it off. I was walking about 3,000 steps a day and now I average between 8,000 to 10,000 steps.
I feel more energetic and healthy and I try pushing myself more every day. I don’t feel out of breath or tired all the time.

How has walking with Walkingspree helped you reach your health goals?

It is nice checking my pedometer to see how much I walked and so I can push myself to walk more and exercise more to be healthy. And I love tracking my foods for calorie counting! I love the Food Tracker, too. It has helped me eat healthy and watching my calories a lot easier.

What do you like best about the website?

I love seeing how I compare to others and I get competitive and want to push myself harder to beat them.

Do you have any advice or tips for others in the program?

Have fun with it. Don’t think of it as a burden. Explore everything the Walkingspree program has to offer.

Is there anything else would you like to share?

In 2009 I had my son at 24 weeks gestation. He only weighed 1 lb. 10 oz. I watched him fight for his life and health every day, and I am a stronger woman because of him. He is now a healthy 2 year old and I want to make sure that I stay healthy so I can be around to see my kids grow up.

They say women that have my disorder are more likely to have a stroke or heart attack at an early age. To prevent that you must stay healthy and Walkingspree helps me stay healthy with all the tools they offer. I’m glad my company choose to do such a wonderful program that can help change people’s lives.