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Name: Jeremy Sapp | Heaviest Weight: 354 lbs | Current Weight: 200 lbs | Weight Loss: 154 lbs


Three years ago, Jeremy Sapp weighed 354 lbs and was a couch potato. Today he weighs 200 lbs and ran 13.1 miles in Austin’s 3M Half Marathon in only 1 hour and 48 minutes.

The transformation started two years ago when Jeremy’s wife mentioned a wellness program the company was starting – Walkingspree’s online pedometer program.

Jeremy recalls, “We said, ‘Let’s see how this works and what happens.’ We got our pedometers, started slowly and were very surprised at how motivating it was to see how people in the contests were doing when we uploaded with our pedometers. It was surprising to me to see how this competitive nature came out.”

They started off slowly, walking around the neighborhood in the evenings. “It was fun. It was good quality time together.”

Then Jeremy started walking around on his lunch hour. And doing more walking on the weekends, “I quickly found out how important good shoes were!”

Six months ago he decided to run the half-marathon.

“I started by jogging and picking up pace with walking. Then running a couple of miles on my long walks and just progressed to running further and further. And then I’d start running 10 to 12 miles each week either when I was on the treadmill or out on the streets.”

The result? Five thousand and five hundred people ran the marathon. The fastest runner came in at one hour and nine minutes. Jeremy finished in the top 20%, coming in at one hour and 48 minutes.

Of course, he couldn’t have done it without the support of his family and friends.

“I absolutely have a supportive wife. And we’re about to have one more in the family. My wife is going to have a baby. March 1st is our due date…. She’s getting big, like she’s supposed to. She’s walking too!”

Jeremy dreams of walking with the baby tucked snugly in the new jogging stroller his father has purchased. And he also dreams that one day the baby will cheer him on at yet another finish line.

“I think that someday I’d like to do a marathon. I haven’t set my mind on it yet but it’s something to contemplate. Actually, we were sitting around at breakfast and we were talking about how it would be cool to do the Ironman. That would be a lifetime achievement goal to someday be able to do that. Maybe someday the stars will align and I’ll be in Hawaii with my wife and child and family and doing the Ironman.”

Jeremy won the AHA Start Lifestyle Change Award for 2010