Health and Wellness Platform

You can have healthier people and better-managed health care costs, as well as increased morale and loyalty, greater brain function, and improved productivity. Imagine the difference this could make to your bottom line!

How do you inspire employees to live the most healthful and physically active life?

With Fitbit wireless activity trackers or open platform with Google Fit/Apple Health,
you can give employees the incentive they need to get motivated, get fit, and get results.

Sync & Compare Stats

Wireless activity trackers record members steps each day. Easily sync via mobile app or desktop computer for oneline comparison and tracking. The activity tracker can be tucked in a pants pocket, shirt pocket, worn around the neck, or clipped to a belt. The personal dashboard is the participant’s home page in Walkingspree, and gives an overview of all their information from our many tools at a glance. Using the dashboard on a daily basis helps members monitor progress and achieve health goals. The dashboard provides a snapshot of:

Aerobic steps
Calories burned
Fat burned


If your company or insurance plan does not offer the Walkingspree program, you can still reap the benefits of our program and by joining our retail program. Joining Walkingspree will help you reach your health goals.It’s also great gift.


Activity Tracker

A wireless connection allows members to automatically sync activity data to the Walkingspree website where they can see their data over any period of time and observe trends. Here they can set step goals and use our visual tools to help them reach their goals. They can also enter non-stepping activities such as cycling, strength training or yoga in the Activity Tracker on the website.


Food Tracker

For some, improving health may also include weight loss. To lose weight, a healthy diet is necessary along with walking and other physical activity. Tracking food consumption with the Food Tracker is easy. Our database contains 65,000 foods (including fast foods) and 7,000 healthy recipes. Members can find how many steps it takes to burn off a food item or meal, and the Walkingspree website will combine their calories with activity, and display net calories burned for weight management goals.


Body Tracker

The body tracker includes a BMI body tracker and weight loss tracker. For your members, knowing & tracking your numbers through visual graphs can motivate healthy lifestyle choices.


Challenges and friendly competition

Walkingspree makes walking fun with online walking clubs and leader boards. Members can see who is at the top of their walking club’s leader board and brag about their team. They can join an existing club or start their own, participate in or create their own challenges, such as a “virtual walk”, where progress can be tracked through Google maps and step data.They can even win recognition for their walking achievements!


Social Networking

For the non-competitive participant, social networking on the Walkingspree website keeps colleagues in touch while they strive for personal goals. The Walkingspree ‘buddy system’ allows them to check in on friends and encourage them to keep walking. They can keep private journals, post blog entries, and write wall comments about your club, team or Virtual Walk. You can even share a congratulatory step achievement on Facebook automatically.


Superior Customer Support

The Walkingspree support team can be reached via email ticket system, and outbound calls. When we say it, we mean it — we truly do value customer support. Members of our support team have been sent flowers, letters, and cards for their outstanding support and patient personalities. Every employee is treated as a valuable member. You’ll be sure that our support team will work with you and your employees to make sure the program experience is fantastic.