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With our integrated system, your employees can easily track food
consumption, weight loss, and more

Food Tracker &
Weight Management

Members rave about the Walkingspree Food Tracker, which provides weight management support for program members. If you want to lose weight, walking is a good start – but you also need to eat a balanced diet. That’s why Walkingspree has a nutrition database of 65,000 foods, including fast food menu items. You can discover how many steps you need to burn off a food item or meal (and trust us, you may be surprised). And if your employees are looking for a healthy meal, they can browse our collection of 7,000 recipes.

Visual Tools

Walkingspree’s visual interface graphically displays personal step data. Challenge Trackers visually represent your (or a team’s) progress in a competition. Walkingspree technology combines Google Maps with personal or team data to create virtual walks such as “Walk to the Super Bowl”, “Grand Canyon Walk”, or an original walk to fit your company culture. Virtual badges are earned for reaching activity, challenge, nutrition and social goals.


Walkingspree doesn’t simply deliver general broadcast messages. Instead, ‘intelli-messaging’ sends out regular messages with individual statistics. We congratulate those who achieve 10,000 steps a day with highlights of their current and past achievements, with seasonal activity tips and nutrition suggestions attached. Members often tell us the Walkingspree weekly messages motivate them to walk even more. Walkingspree sends encouraging reminders to the few who fall inactive, and asks if they need support to get back on track.